TA006. A small brass dish with ranks badge, Egyptian scenes and Egypt 1942 – 44.

TA028. A circular aluminium dish with a brass uniform button in the centre.

TA031. A square wooden ashtray with the RAAF badge on the side.



TA128. A small silver dish with a brass uniform button in the centre.

TA128. Proof marks on base of dish.

TA136. A solid aluminium ashtray engraved “With Compliments R.A.A.F. Kalgoorlie West Australia”

TA153. An unofficial Armourers sleeve badge made at 1 OTU late 1942, early 1943. Backing plate taken from Hudson A6 – 38.

TA153. Note accompanying the Armourer's badge.

TA154. A brass Leading Aircraftman sleeve badge made from a 303 case forming the propeller boss.

TA044. A spring steel wrist band with pre 1953 Warrant Officers sleeve badge. Worn by Warrant Officer Jim Gaskin 2SD.

TA045. A khaki cloth Warrant Officer wrist band made from sleeve insignia and watch band.

TA131. A 1960s Warrant Officer sleeve badge attached to a leather wrist band.

TA145. A spring steel wrist band with the centre of a gilt ranks badge attached.

TA155. A Perspex plate with a Warrant Officers sleeve badge impressed and painted. Possibly for a wrist band.

TA146. A pair of laminated timber bookends with ranks and officers badges attached.

TA011. A broach made from Perspex and backed with brass.

TA038. A broach made from the kangaroo of a penny with a V for victory.

TA050. A broach made from bone or ivory.

TA051. A large Perspex broach in the shape of a pilot’s wing.