SO352. A small pewter beer mug made by Kirra Pewter with a gold RAAF badge and engraved “SGTS MESS FROGNALL 1971 SNOOKER CHAMPION R. H. Langham”

SO352. Close up of engraving.

SO352. Makers stamp.

SO352. Close up of badge.

SO454. A pewter cup made by Bankatin and engraved “TO 86 WING RAAF IN APPRECIATION SERVICES ATTACHES DJAKARTA 1962”

SO454. Close up of engraving.

SO454. Makers stamp.

SO512. A large steel beer mug made by Challenge with the Sydney University Squadron badge on the side.

SO512. Close up of badge.

SO512. Makers stamp.

SO550. A small pewter and teak beer mug made by Penang Pewter and engraved “To Dick Best Wishes 1977 492 Sqn Gunnies”

SO550. Close up of engraving.

SO550. Makers stamp.

SO590. A large silver beer mug made by India engraved “RAAF PEARCE The Panthers RLFC CLUB TROPHY 1982 Premiers” and “ Tony Ryder The RAAF Badge Player”

SO590. Close up of engraving.

SO590. Makers stamp.

SO603. A tall pewter and teak beer mug with a 3 Sqn badge on the side and engraved “PRESENTED TO FLT LT K. C. SULLIVAN BY THE OFFICERS OF No 3 SQUADRON SEPTEMBER 1971”

SO603. Close up of badge and engraving.

SO605. A large pewter beer mug made by Selangor Pewter with a 478 Maintenance Squadron badge on the side.

SO605. Close up of badge.

SO605. Makers stamp.