D979. An in-house A4 Christmas card from WH40 2SD to PT&P 2SD with a list of staff for 1989.

D979. Inside.

D979. Inside.

D986. A small Christmas card from RAAF Rathmines dated 1945 – 1946, to Mr & Mrs Scott & Family from Harold.

D986. Back.

D996. A Christmas card dated 1940 – 1941 from RAAF Station Amberley.

D996. Inside.

D1002. A WW2 Christmas card from RAAF Station Laverton with a print of a Beaufighter.

D1002. Inside.

D1005. A small Christmas card dated 1944 from 10 Squadron Great Britain, To Evelyn with fond regards Martin. AUS429136 F/O M. L. Waddington, 10 Squadron, Coastal Command, Great Britain. 429136 Martin Leslie Waddington enlisted on 27 Oct 1942 at Sydney and discharged on 25 Feb 1946 as a Flight Lieutenant from RAF Trainees.

D1005. Inside.

D1005. Back.

D1008. A post war Christmas card from No 23 Squadron RAAF Archerfield with a print of a Mustang aircraft, To Pat from Margaret & Pam.

D1008. Inside.

D1009. A post 1953 Christmas card from RAAF London.

D1009. Inside.

D1018. An unused Christmas card from the Sergeants Mess Point Cook.

D1018. Inside.

D1041. A WW2 Christmas card from 451 Squadron Middle East, With love and best wishes Reg.

D1041. Inside.