D1042. A post war Christmas card from 2 Aircraft Depot RAAF Richmond.

D1042. Inside.

D1051. A post war RAAF Association Christmas card, To Tony Brian C. Morelli.

D1051. Inside.

D1074. A WW2 Christmas card dated 1943 – 1944, From one of the Richmond Whippers, Mack. 68009 LAC Mackay A. Group 261 RAAF Miles Q’Land. Alexander Mackay enlisted on 22 Jul 1942 at Sydney and discharged on 2 Jan 1946 as a Corporal from 18 Repair and Servicing Unit.

D1074. Inside.

D1082. A small Christmas card dated 1943 from 36 squadron, to Blue from Hank?

D1082. Inside.

D1082. Inside.

D1083. A WW2 Christmas card dated 1945, To Nancy Love from Jim. Flight Sergeant James Dickson.

D1083. Inside.

D1087. A WW2 Christmas card dated 1940 with a drawing of a Wirraway, From A.C.1. Craske 17005 No 1 I. E. S. Ascot Vale Melbourne. 17005 Sidney Charles Craske enlisted on 25 Jun 1940 at Perth and discharged on 29 May 1945 as a Sergeant from 7 Aircraft Depot.

D1087. Inside.

D1087. Inside.

D1096. A WW2 Christmas card dated 1941 to the Parsons family from Claude, posted from Calgary Canada. 412273 Claude Frederick Saunders enlisted on 22 Jun 1941 at Sydney and discharged on 27 Sep 1945 as a Flying Officer from 2 Personnel Depot.

D1096. Inside.

D1096. Note to family.

D1096. Back of envelope.

D1101. A WW2 Christmas card dated 1945 from 12 Squadron Darwin, inside is a photo of a Liberator Bomber.

D1101. Inside.

D1101. Inside.