D1114. A WW2 Christmas card from No 6 Service Flying Training School RAAF Mallala with a photo of Anson aircraft. From Geoff, much love to all at home.

D1114. Inside of card.

D1118. A small WW2 Christmas card from Headquarters, Eastern Area, Bradfield Park, NSW. To Educated Evans, congratulations Syd J.

D1118. Inside of card.

D1128. A WW2 Christmas card dated 1942 from No 3 Wireless Air Gunners School Maryborough, To Lloyde (Snooks alias Pie-can etc) From Russell

D1128. Inside of card.

D1128. Inside back cover.

D1129. A WW2 Christmas card dated 1942 from 3 R.D. Maryborough, to Mother from Russell. 434335 Russell Ian Stewart enlisted on 12 Nov 1942 at Brisbane and was KIA 24 Dec 1944 as a Flight Sergeant while serving with 460 Squadron.

D1129. Inside of card.

D1143. A post war Christmas card from the School of Technical Training RAAF Forest Hill (Wagga), To Aunty Lil & Nobby, see you both shortly.

D1143. Inside of card.

D1143. Inside back cover.

D1148. A modern Christmas card from RAAF Butterworth Motor Transport Section.

D1148. Inside of card.

D1156. A RAAF National Service Christmas card, To Tony from Brian C. Morelli.

D1156. Inside of card.

D1159. A Christmas card with all proceeds going to the Air Force Association.

D1159. Inside of card.

D1188. A small WW2 Christmas card from RAAF Records Prahan VIC.

D1188. Inside of card.

D1199. A post war Christmas card to AD/A.ARM2 from Sqn Ldr A. C. Cormie.

D1199. Inside of card.