E285. A green handled welding hammer marked A in a horseshoe under the head and RAAF 43 on the handle.

E285. RAAF 43 stamped in handle.

E285. A in horseshoe, Atha Tool Co.

E285. Atha Tool Co logo.

E287. A small brass screwdriver engraved R.A.A.F. A222857. Possibly made by an instrument fitter or as a trade test?

E287. Engraving on handle.

E291. A single open end spanner marked Chrome Vanadium, RAAF size 6 BA.

E301. A die for the RAAF Silver Jubilee engraved RAAF Jubilee badge 20-11-80 23-6-77 R. Simpson AUST PRT LTD Melb XWIC.

E301. Stamp on base.

E325. A key or tool tag for 2SD Gems, number 338 arrow.

E326. A key or tool tag for 2SD Gems, number 45.

E326. Reverse.

E335. A die for the RAAF Radio Apprentice School stamped E3851.

E335. Stamping E3851.

E343. A brass gauge made by N. G. Brown Melbourne and marked in grams, N37x/360, R.A.A.F.

E343. Close up of markings.

E345. A small BSW & BSF spanner dated 1939 and stamped A arrow F.