E134. A pre 1953 R.F.D. brand Pack Personal Survival.

E134. Booklet inside pack, dated 1967.

E134. Contents of pouch.

E137. A canvas water bag with removable strap, stencilled A arrow F, F.P.T. 1945 AID 48.

E137. Close up of bag.

E154. A black plastic Field Siren whistle.

E163. A square metal tin with a red cross and marked “FIRST AID KIT FOR A’CRAFT DINGHY, Medical Stores RAAF.

E163. Close up of label.

E163. Contents of tin.

E178. A jungle green personal mosquito net made by V339 in 1943 marked A arrow F.

E178. Makers stamp.

E178. Stamp inside net.

E180. A floating round end dingy knife, stamped on blade 27C/2023.

E180. Opposite side.

E180. Stamp on blade.

E181. A green cloth pouch containing an emergency fishing kit, pouch marked T27044087 R.A.A.F.

E181. Contents of pouch.