E051. A pre 1953 identification plate marked R.A.A.F. crown for a Rectifier Selenium Type, made by Gilco Engineering Pty Ltd.

E052. A post 1953 identification plate for a Motor Mount Position.

E056. A pair of black leather leggings made by A. J. Oakman, also marked arrow over R.G. and dated 1940. Stamped inside is R.A. arrow A.F. 545.

E056. Makers name.

E056. Australia 1940.

E056. RA arrow AF 545.

E057. A women’s black leather handbag.

E058. A pair of cotton drill gauntlets stamped V143 1943 A arrow F.

E058. Stamp inside cuff.

E059. An Australian National Telephone Company desk phone with the RAAF badge, Department of Defence AIR FORCE.

E060. A roll of plastic security tape from the 75th anniversary.

E062. A rubber stamp O I/C Materials Processing Section, No 2 Stores Depot, RAAF Regents Park

E062. Base of stamp.

E063. A rubber stamp AIR MAIL over Kangaroo over P 51 Mustang.

E063. Base of stamp.

E064. A rubber stamp Air Mail Hubba Hubba.

E064. Base of stamp.