TA004. A WW2 era eagle and crown carved into a board, 8.5 inches by 6 inches.

TA007. A teak cigarette case with inlayed pilot’s wings and initials G. F. C. F. on the back is SORRENTO ITALY 1944.

TA007. Bottom of case.

TA031. A square wooden ashtray with the RAAF badge on the side.

TA099. A wooden serving tray with glass insert, in the centre is a painted airman’s cap badge.

TA106. A wooden serving tray with a painted pilot’s wing in the centre.

TA107. A wooden serving tray with a carved airman’s cap badge in the centre and Perspex trimming.

TA110. A wooden smoker’s stand with a drawer for cigarettes, a metal ashtray and a matchbox holder. Written in gold is “RAAF Laverton”

TA110. Smokers stand with open drawer.

TA112. A small wooden serving tray with a roundel, pilot’s badge and RAAF inlayed with veneer.

TA138. A propeller tip made into a photo frame complete with photo.

TA146. A pair of laminated timber bookends with ranks and officers badges attached.

TA150. A wooden serving tray with an eagle and R.A.A.F. painted in gold.