PH744. A group photo including 23889 John Charles McWhannel, 3rd from right in middle row.

PH746. A large group photo of No 1 Course, A.C.O.S. 15 Squadron taken by Vivians. 23889 John Charles McWhannel is 8th from the left, top row.

PH752. An informal B & W photo taken in July 1947, written on the back is “Last night in BOFU, July 1947, Upstairs Block 7”

PH752. Back of photo.

PH753. A group photo of aircrew and an aircraft.

PH758. A black and white photo mounted on grey board of Flight 1273

PH763. An official B & W photo of a 22 Squadron guard at Katoomba for the Royal Tour 12/2/54.

PH763. Back of photo.