PH676. A B & W studio photo on card of a Squadron Leader pilot taken at Rembrandt Studios Adelaide.

PH680. A B & W studio photo in a card folder of an airman in summer uniform taken at Mellor Studios.

PH682. An informal B & W photo of 417563 Sergeant M. S Carlyle taken September 1943.

PH682. Back of photo.

PH683. A hand tinted studio photo of a Squadron Leader Pilot taken at Peter Fox Studios in 1945.

PH683. Close up of greeting.

PH683. Back of photo.

PH684. A small B & W studio photo of a sergeant Air Gunner in a metal frame with pilots wings.

PH685. An official photo of a bandsman dated 1988.

PH686. An official photo of officer’s bullion cap badges taken on 3 Aug 1966.

PH686. Back of photo.

PH687. A small B & W photo of Mirage A3-107 at Butterworth Sep 1970 having a main tyre change. LAC Bell on tail, LAC Ninress in cockpit.

PH687. Back of photo.

PH689. A small B & W studio photo of an airman, written on the back is R. C. Gray 8819. 8819 Ronald Chadwick Gray enlisted on 6 Feb 1940 at Laverton and discharged on 10 Nov 1941 as a corporal from 1 Engineering School Ascot Vale.

PH689. Back of photo.

PH694. A B & W photo of Malcolm William Fulton in flying gear at Woking UK in 1944.

PH694. Back of photo.

PH701. A B & W studio photo in a card folder of 5767 Reginald Holland Barratt, who enlisted on 9 Jan 1940 at Laverton and discharged as a corporal on 23 Jan 1946 from No 2 Personnel Depot. Taken at Burnell Studio Unley.

PH706. A small B & W studio photo of an airman in winter uniform taken at Cruden Studios Sydney.

PH707. A large B & W studio photo of a flight sergeant signaller 442603 Malcolm Walter Jansen and sister, who is wearing a sweetheart badge on her collar, taken at Raeburn Studio Adelaide. Malcolm enlisted on 23 Oct 1943 at Adelaide and discharged as a warrant officer on 14 May 1946 from 37 Transport Squadron. Refer photo 708.