PH757. A 10 x 8 inch black & white photo in a gold wooden frame of an officer pilot taken at Norton Trevaire Studio.

PH762. A small informal black & white photo of 2 airmen.

PH764. A small B & W studio photo in a buff card folder taken at Rembrandt Studio Adelaide. Photo is of an officer wearing a greatcoat and an economy issue cap badge.

PH765. An 8 X 6 inch steel frame with remnants of gold paint and pilots wings at the top.

PH766. A black & white studio photo in a brown timber frame of a Sergeant Air Gunner taken at Stuart ??? Camberwell.

PH767. A black & white studio photo in a black timber frame of an officer pilot. Small gilt eagle and crown at the top. Framed by Dean’s 346 Little Collins St, Melbourne.

PH768. A characature of the officer in PH767.